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The right influence.

Public Relations for Innovators

We are an integrated communications + content solutions agency
that specializes in media relations for technology companies.


Spark a conversation.


Influence the influencers.


Grow your business.


Cultivate a positive reputation.


Amplify content to your audience.

Website + Graphics

Produce visuals for digital & print needs.


Identify your positioning. Craft your message.

Inbound Marketing

Design a digital strategy to drive traffic.


Execute "Wow Factor” events.


Build relationships with the right opinion leaders.


Create dynamic visual content and copy.

Research + Metrics

Measure the results. Metrics matter.

Our Approach

We offer the team approach of a boutique agency
with the deep experience and client attention of a consultancy –
all accessible for small to mid-size companies, divisions of corporations and startups.

Influence the Conversation.

Whether you want to launch a new product, expand into new markets or build more brand awareness,

we can help.

We Like Innovators.

They know a bright idea when they see it.

Innovators aren’t afraid to try something different. They don’t just think outside of the box, they think about new boxes.

Being innovative is not just about the products and services you offer. It’s about how you look at your company. How you’re positioned in the market. The way you treat your customers and employees. How you move your brand from point A to point B.

If you’re an innovator, you want to work with other innovators. At Brightfluence, we strive to be innovative in everything we do. That means we don’t just follow a cookie-cutter guidebook to best practices in PR. We look for ways to help our clients cut through the clutter and get noticed.

We can help you spark conversations. Influence influencers. Create awareness. Be a thought leader. Drive traffic. Grow.